Lara Jones VIP 1-1
Training Day: Unleash
Your Potential.

An exclusive opportunity designed for those who seek greatness and want to learn how to break out of the comfort zone to push past the wall that has been built around your fear, to break into the learning zone and achieve sustainable growth. 

The Lara Jones VIP Training Day is a bespoke experience that blends rigorous physical training with top-tier executive coaching. This one-day event is tailored to business professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, who are ready to push their limits and achieve extraordinary success.

What You Can Expect

Elite Athletic Training

Train alongside top athletes and experience high-intensity workouts designed to push your physical boundaries. Enhance your strength, endurance, and agility.

Executive Mastery

Transition from physical training to mental training with a session focused on sharpening your business, communication, and leadership skills.

- Strategic planning, branding, leadership development, and more.
- Gain insights into navigating your career path with purpose and precision.

Personalized Action Plan

End the day with a personalized roadmap tailored to your goals.

- Receive a detailed plan that includes strategies for personal branding, clear objectives, and actionable steps for your next big move.

Why Join Lara Jones for a VIP Day?

This is more than just a training session—it’s a transformative experience that will challenge you to excel in all aspects of your life. 

With limited spots available, the VIP Day ensures personalized attention and a curated experience for each participant.

Whether you travel to Lara or Lara travels to you, register your interest in an unforgettable experience that will have you wondering why you waited.

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Join Lara for a day that’s as rewarding as it is demanding, and leave empowered to conquer your challenges, break down the fear barriers and achieve your dreams.