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Lara Jones has left an indelible mark on Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Leaders from industry giants have witnessed her keynote speeches and experienced her transformative workshops. Discover why organizations like Wells Fargo, Northwestern Mutual, and Schlumberger trust Lara to inspire and empower their teams for unparalleled success. Read their testimonials and join the ranks of those who have experienced the extraordinary impact of Lara’s grit and leadership insights.

Anne Wilson
Anne WilsonVP, Senior Lead Technology, Wells Fargo
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I was fortunate enough to see Lara Jones speak in Arizona – WOW! She’s been through it and has GRIT and selflessness to share with the world. Thank you Lara! You’re the real deal.
Steven Trujillo
Steven TrujilloManaging Partner, Northwestern Mutual
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Thank you Lara Jones for always showing up fully present, prepared, fired up and ready to make an impact.
Jason Van Camp
Jason Van CampChairman, Mission Six Zero & Executive Director, Warrior Rising
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Lara delivered our last two keynotes because her presence, character, and message resonated with my organization. I hired Lara for her strong experiential background in leadership and powerful personal message forged in grit and resilience. Lara inspires and invests in your company and the audience is locked in to her. Inspirational.
Nick Tran
Nick TranSocial Impact Director & Head of Global Veteran Affairs, Schlumberger
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If you want to blow away your audience, make them cry, and then inspire them with hope, courage, and unmatched grit, I highly recommend Lara Jones to deliver your next keynote.

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“Captivating. Groundbreaking. Authentic.” These are just a few descriptors that audiences across the globe use to define Lara Jones’ speaking engagements. As an acclaimed expert in grit, human behavior, and sales, Lara merges the science of the mind with the realities of the business world. Her in-depth expertise in Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and neuroscience doesn’t just scratch the surface; it delves deep into understanding the ‘why’ behind our actions and beliefs.

Topics That Resonate

Lara electrifies audiences with her engaging talks on:

Her real-world anecdotes and experiences bring to life the core values of hard work, focus, and relentless perseverance.

Lara Jones Keynote Speaker Grit Performance Expert

Featured by PBS: "Brainline"

Lara’s resilience and mastery in grit have earned her recognition from reputable platforms like “Brainline,” a PBS initiative. Here, her life-changing insights have helped countless individuals strengthen their cognitive processes, challenge their obstacles, and become formidable leaders.

Why Lara?

What sets Lara apart is her skill for distilling complex scientific principles into actionable insights. Whether it’s discussing the elements of a positive mindset or unraveling the mysteries of human behavior, Lara bridges the gap between theory and practice. Her talks are not only tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization but are also versatile enough to resonate across industries.

Lara Jones Keynote Speaker Grit Performance Expert

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